TEWS TECHNOLOGIES Introduces PMC Module with High-Density User-Programmable FPGA

TEWS Technologies

The TPMC634 is a standard single-width 33MHz 32-bit PMC module providing a user programmable with front-I/O and P14 rear-I/O. Released as a successor to the widely used TPMC630, the TPMC634 is designed for industrial, COTS, and transportation applications, where specialized I/O or long-term availability is required. The TPMC634 provides a number of advantages including a customizable interface for unique customer applications and a FPGA-based design for long-term product lifecycle management.

The TPMC634 I/O interface is pin and function compatible to the now obsolete TPMC630 (appropriate order options are available). The user programmable FPGA is a Xilinx Spartan-6, accessible via an on-board local bus.

The TPMC634 user programmable FPGA is typically auto-configured from an on-board SPI Flash device. The SPI Flash is in-system programmable via the PCI bus or via a JTAG header. The user programmable FPGA may also be programmed directly (volatile) via the PCI bus or via the JTAG header.

The TPMC634-10R provides 64 ESD-protected TTL lines using TTL compatible buffers. The TPMC634-11R provides 32 differential I/O lines using ESD-protected EIA-422 / EIA-485 compatible line transceivers. The TPMC634-12R provides a mix of 32 TTL and 16 differential RS422/485 I/O lines. The TPMC634-13R provides 32 differential I/O lines using M-LVDS line transceivers. The TPMC634-14R provides a mix of 32 TTL and 16 differential M-LVDS I/O lines.

All lines are individually programmable as input, output or tri-state. The receivers are always enabled, which allows determining the state of each I/O line at any time (monitoring I/O lines configured as outputs).

Each TTL I/O line has an on-board pull resistor to a common/shared reference. The pull resistor reference is configurable by an on-board rotary switch to 3.3V, 5V or GND. The differential I/O lines have on-board termination resistors.

Physical connection is either through front panel I/O with a HD68 SCSI-3 type connector or rear I/O via P14.

In order to support long term programs, the new TEWS' modules have a 5 year warranty.

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading solutions provider of embedded I/O and CPU products based on open architecture standards such as PMC, XMC, IndustryPack® (IP), , standard PCI, PCIe, AMC, FMC, and VME. TEWS has more than 30 years of experience designing and building turn-key embedded interface solutions using the philosophy to listen and respond to our customers' needs. Using this 'customer first' approach, TEWS has developed a large number of standard and custom products for industrial control, telecommunication infrastructure, medical equipment, traffic control and COTS applications. TEWS' line of embedded I/O solutions is available worldwide through a global network of distributors. For more information, go to www.tews.com.

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