TEWS TECHNOLOGIES Adds New Reconfigurable FPGA with Digital I/O PCIe Mini Card

TEWS Technologies

The TMPE633 is a standard full PCI Express Mini Card, providing a user programmable Xilinx Spartan-6 LX25T .

The TMPE633-10R provides 26 ESD-protected 5V-tolerant TTL lines, the TMPE633-11R provides 13 differential I/O lines using EIA 422 / EIA 485 compatible, ESD-protected line transceivers and the TMPE633-12R provides 13 differential I/O lines using Multipoint-LVDS Transceiver.

All I/O lines are individually programmable as input or output. TTL I/O lines can be set to high, low, or tristate. Each TTL I/O line has a pull-resistor to a common programmable pull voltage that can be set to +3.3 V, +5 V and GND. Differential I/O lines are terminated, RS-485 lines with 120 ohms and M-LVDS lines with 100 ohms.

The I/O signals are accessible through a 30 pin Pico-Clasp latching connector

The User FPGA is configured by a SPI flash. An in-circuit debugging option is available via a JTAG header for read back and real-time debugging of the FPGA design (using Xilinx ChipScope). With the TA308 Programming Kit direct JTAG access to the FPGA is possible, using the Xilinx Platform Cable USB.

User applications for the TMPE633 with XC6SLX25T-2 FPGA can be developed using the design software ISE WebPACK which can be downloaded free of charge from www.xilinx.com.

TEWS offers a well-documented basic FPGA Example Application design. It includes an .ucf file with all necessary pin assignments and basic timing constraints. The example design covers the main functionalities of the TMPE633. It implements local Bus interface to local Bridge device, register mapping and basic I/O. It comes as a Xilinx ISE project with source code and as a ready-to-download bit stream.


TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading solutions provider of embedded I/O and CPU products based on open architecture standards such as , XMC, IndustryPack® (IP), , standard PCI, PCIe, AMC, FMC, and VME. TEWS has more than 30 years of experience designing and building turn-key embedded interface solutions using the philosophy to listen and respond to our customers' needs. Using this 'customer first' approach, TEWS has developed a large number of standard and custom products for industrial control, telecommunication infrastructure, medical equipment, traffic control and COTS applications. TEWS' line of embedded I/O solutions is available worldwide through a global network of distributors. For more information, go to www.tews.com.

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