Single Board Computer 75ARM1

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Rugged 75ARM1 SBC delivers more processing power, I/O density and design flexibility – in less time

NAI’s 75ARM1 is a 3U cPCI ARM Cortex™A9-based, single board computer with three intelligent I/O and communications function module slots. With more than 40 different function modules to choose from, the 75ARM1 is ideally suited for a wide range of rugged Mil-Aero applications, and delivers off-the-shelf solutions that accelerate deployment of SWaP-optimized systems in air, land and sea applications.

Versatile Architecture
The 75ARM1 can be configured with up to three intelligent function modules. These modules have their own dedicated ARM processor, which frees up the main processor to be used by the application. Built on NAI’s Custom-on-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™), customers have the freedom to integrate the 75ARM1 with their choice of high-density I/O, communications functions or an Ethernet switch. Pre-existing, fully-tested functions can be combined in an unlimited number of ways quickly and easily. Each I/O function has dedicated processing, unburdening the SBC from unnecessary data management overhead.

Board Support Package (BSP) and Software Support Kit (SSK)
The 75ARM1 includes BSP and SSK support for Wind River® and VxWorks®, and for Xilinx® PetaLinux. In addition, SSKs are supplied with source code and board-specific library I/O APIs to facilitate system integration.

NAI’s rugged SBC’s offer more I/O intelligence and the highest processing power— in a smaller package.

Eliminate man-months of integration with NAI’s 75ARM1 SBC.

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