Single-bit, ARINC 429 Converter inside VIVISUN® Annunciator

Applied Avionics

Inspired by customer request, Applied Avionics is proud to announce our latest innovation. The latest addition to our powerful LOGIC Component Technology is a single-bit, single-label ARINC 429 digital-to- signal converter component. The component can be integrated into a VIVISUN® High Capacity switch body, or can be specified into a stand-alone NEXSYS® LOGIC Module for in-line use behind the panel.

The ARINC 429 Converter component is an 8-pin logic and interface device developed as a part of our NEXSYS LOGIC Component Technology. This single-bit, single-label ARINC 429 Converter can replace the need for a dedicated ARINC converter box. The ARINC 429 Converter can be combined with electromechanical switches and other LOGIC components to create a custom configuration that uniquely addresses the designer’s specific functional requirements.

Applications include any warning or failure alerts directly from the ARINC signal and includes ADS-B Out transponder failure. The component also contains an internal health monitor that will warn of any ARINC signal failure. The component is DO-160 tested and is on the QPL with MIL-SPEC compliance. The component contains no software or firmware and is free from any DO-178 or DO-254 requirements. Our online Part Configurator makes for simple configuration and is backed by exceptional customer service and a standard two week COTS deliverability. For more information, please visit or call us at (888) 848-4786.

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