Rugged Family of 2- or 4-Port PC/104-Plus CAN I/O Modules Target Embedded Networked Applications

Diamond Systems Corporation

Diamond Systems’ rugged Janus-MM-LP-XT family of CANbus 2.0 I/O modules offers two or four opto-isolated CAN 2.0B ports plus 16 digital I/O lines in both PC/104-Plus (PCI + ISA) and PC/104 (ISA only) bus configurations. The state-of-the-art CANbus modules excel in a wide variety of rugged and on-vehicle embedded networking applications. The product was designed with harsh applications in mind, including latching connectors to further improve reliability. Extended temperature operation of -40°C to +85°C is tested and guaranteed. The modules are compatible with MIL-STD-202G shock and vibration specifications.

Figure 1: Janus-MM-4LP Quad CAN PC/104-Plus Module .
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The Janus-MM-LP CAN controllers are implemented as cores and feature standard and extended device identifiers as well as expanded TX and RX message queues for enhanced performance. Each port has its own combination isolator and transceiver chip. The rugged modules also offer 16 programmable digital I/O lines organized as two 8-bit ports.

Figure 2: Janus-MM-4LP Dual CAN PC/104-Plus Module.
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The Janus-MM-LP CAN I/O modules come with a basic CAN driver for Windows Embedded 7 and 12.04LTS. Also included free with the product are Windows and Linux APIs and monitor programs. The monitor program allows the user to set, manage and observe all of the functions and traffic on the CAN ports and digital I/O lines.

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