Pre-configured 3U cPCI Fire Control and Targeting System – Model FCT-35CP0D

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Pre-configured Fire Control and Targeting (FCT)

The FCT-35CP0D fire control and targeting unit is a pre-configured system or subsystem with field-proven backplane technology and intelligent high-density I/O and communications modules. The application-ready fire control and targeting unit features an adaptive design approach and rugged dependability with a drive and feedback response system that includes the 6-channel digital-to-synchro drive. The application-ready FCT hardware quickly integrates with manufacturer’s software algorithms to simplify and accelerate deployment. NAI’s FCT systems are deployed on numerous air, land and sea rugged vehicles worldwide, meeting dynamic program requirements in less time - with No NRE.

NAI leverages its decades of experience in embedding electronics to deliver application-ready fire control & targeting systems. With its highly adaptive, modular Custom-On-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™), these systems seamlessly integrate with NAI’s high-density, intelligent multifunction modules, which contain the highest packaging density and offer the most design flexibility of any multifunction I/O board in the industry. The FCT-35CP0D supports high-density multi-channel programmable , RTD, thermocouple with Serial, ARINC 429/575 and CANBus communications and an Ethernet-based host.

The FCT-35CP0D Fire Control & Targeting systems can be applied to applications where a multitude of sensor and command interfaces, pitch, roll and yaw inputs need to be maintained to ensure steady “on target” aim and control on on-the-move gunships. Other critical applications include targeting “line-of-sight” communications, radar, and laser guidance.

Rugged systems used in carrying out high-performance, defense missions must meet stringent environmental requirements such as shock, vibration and extreme temperatures within SWaP-constrained systems. These attributes are inherent in COTS designs and offer customers readily-available, adaptable, field-proven systems and subsystems.


Software support includes Wind River® VxWorks® 6.9. All I/O and communication libraries are available.


  • NXP PowerPC Quad QorIQ® P2041 @ 1.25 GHz with 2x 10/100/1000Base-T
  • 6 Ch. digital-to-synchro drive. Channel pairs programmable for 2-speed operation
  • 12 Ch. synchro-to-digital measurement for direct “tell-back” angle measurement and position confirmation
  • 8 RS232/422/485 async serial communications ports <
  • 16 Ch. +/-10V A/D measurement
  • 24 Ch. programmable discrete I/O; sink, source or push/ pull I/O
  • Dual channel/Dual redundant MIL-STD-1553
  • 8 Ch. RTD Measurement
  • 2 Ch. AC Reference
  • <15 lbs. (typical)
  • Wind River®VxWorks® OS support
  • Drive & response feedback system
  • 28 VDC input
  • MIL-STD-1275D & MIL-STD-704A with 50ms holdup
  • MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G
  • Operating temp: -40°C to +71°C conduction cooled
  • Continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT)
  • COSA™ architecture
  • Reduced SWaP

Eliminate man-months of integration with a pre-configured, field-proven 3U 5-Slot Fire Control & Targeting System from NAI.

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