Pixus Technologies: Leading the Way in OpenVPX

Pixus Technologies

Whether its rugged or standard 19" rackmount, an ATR or a development system, Pixus has an solution for you. Utilizing Rittal brand mechanical designs and volume manufacturing centers worldwide, Pixus configures a superior balance of high-quality and cost-effectiveness. With Pixus’ backplane and integration expertise, the result is superior design solutions for OpenVPX.

Let Pixus help you configure the best OpenVPX or other architecture solution that optimally meets your application needs and business case requirements.

  • 19" rackmount – virtually limitless configurations available, standard and rugged
  • Rugged/ATR – various ATR sizes or specialty design, conduction-cooled
  • Test/Portable –for 3U or 6U boards, conduction-cooled card guide option
  • Backplanes – specialty in custom OpenVPX, "standard" 3U and 6U, power board
  • Integration – Expertise in best switches, processors/SBCs, , etc.


Pixus Technologies


HQ: 519-885-5775
East USA: 631-360-1257
West USA: 916-297-0020

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