Pentek Introduces New Series of Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning Recorders


The Talon® RTS 2620 combines the power of a Pentek Talon Recording System with those of an RF tuner and RF upconverter hardware plus Pentek’s Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanner. The RTS 2620 provides SIGINT engineers the ability to scan the 6 GHz spectrum for signals of interest and monitor or record bandwidths up to 40 MHz wide once a signal band of interest is detected. A spectral scan facility allows the user to sweep the spectrum at 30 GHz/sec, while threshold detection allows the system to automatically lock onto and record signal bands. Scan results are displayed in a waterfall plot and can also be recorded to allow users to look back at some earlier spectral activity.

Once a signal of interest is detected, the real-time recorder can capture and store hundreds of terabytes of data to disk, allowing users to store days worth of data. The optional RF upconverter reproduces signals captured at RF frequencies up to 6 GHz. All system components are integrated into a rackmount chassis that ranges in size from 3U to 6U depending on storage requirements. Front panel removable HDDs, configured as a RAID are hot-swappable and configurable for redundancy and performance. An optional GPS receiver and built-in PLLs allow all devices in the RF chain to be locked in phase and correlated to GPS time. GPS position information can optionally be recorded, allowing the recorder’s position to be tracked while acquiring RF signals.

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