New XMC Modules Feature Xilinx® Artix® -7 FPGA


Acromag’s new XMC-7A200 user-configurable FPGA modules are designed for applications requiring low-power without sacrificing high performance.

These XMC Artix-7 FPGA boards feature 200K logic cells and DDR3 memory for increased algorithm performance. Lower level applications will benefit from the Artix®-7 FPGA with either plug-in I/O or conduction cooled versions available for a lower cost solution. These FPGA modules feature a standard protocol running on a well-defined medium such as Gigabit or XAUI Ethernet, Serial RapidI/O, or Aurora which allows IP cores to be developed that can be easily supported for the long term.

Typical applications include hardware simulation, communications, in-circuit diagnostics, military servers, signal intelligence, and . Designed and manufactured in the USA, lead-free modules are available.


  • Reconfigurable Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA with 200k logic cells
  • 128M x 64-bit DDR3 SDRAM
  • 32M x 16-bit parallel flash memory for MicroBlaze FPGA program code storage
  • 4-lane high-speed serial interface on rear P15 connector for PCIe Gen 1/2 (standard), Serial RapidI/O, 10Gb Ethernet, Xilinx Aurora
  • 8-lane high-speed interfaces on rear P16 connector for customer-installed soft cores
  • 60 SelectI/O or 30 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P4 port
  • 34 SelectI/O or 17 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P16 port
  • DMA support provides data transfer between system memory and the on-board memory
  • Support for Xilinx ChipScope™ Pro interface
  • Engineering Design Kit

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