New VPX3-717 and VPX3-719 graphics cards feature AMD Radeon™ E8860 GPU, DO-254 DAL C and DO-178C DAL A safety certifiable data artifacts and 15+ year availability

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions has expanded its portfolio of DO-254/DO-178C safety certifiable COTS products with the introduction of two new rugged 3U VPX high performance graphics processor modules. Based on AMD’s latest embedded Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the Radeon™ E8860, both of these multi-head graphics cards support the long lifecycle availability required for defense and aerospace programs. Through the use of a suite of CoreAVI® software drivers and supported by the embedded industry’s longest component supply program, availability for VPX3-717 and VPX3-719 module hardware and software is ensured for 15+ years. Designed for use in safety certifiable applications, these size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C)-optimized modules were developed to meet DO-254 DAL C and DO-178C DAL A certification. DO-254 and DO-178C certification artifact kits, available from Curtiss-Wright, ease platform certification, speed time to market, and significantly reduce the cost and risk of developing safety certifiable electronics subsystems for commercial and military aviation platforms.

About the VPX3-719: Built-in HD-SDI Video Capture and Output Format Conversion

The VPX3-719 is ideal for applications that require video capture and HD-SDI video interfaces. It supports extremely low latency video capture, graphics generation and overlay, and display output conversion. The card’s Radeon GPU is supported with up to six independent and simultaneous graphics outputs selectable from 4x DVI, 2x HD-SDI, and 2x RGBHV or STANAG interfaces. The VPX3-719 provides 2 GB of dedicated video memory, and a hardware accelerated encoder and decoder. It features built-in video capture and format conversion and provides two channels of video capture from HD-SDI, analog RGBHV, or STANAG sources. The video data is transferred directly to processor or GPU memory.

About the VPX3-717: XMC Expansion Site Delivers System Flexibility

The VPX3-717 provides system designers with a higher level of architecture flexibility. Unlike the VPX3-719, it provides an on-module XMC mezzanine expansion site, which can be configured with a wide variety of XMC card types. The card can also be configured with a Power Architecture®, Intel® or ARM®-based processor XMC single board computer (SBC) enabling single-slot graphics plus SBC solutions. I/O support includes six independent DVI outputs, two of which can also be configured to support a dual-link DVI port for higher resolutions. One channel of analog RGBHV is also supported.

Software Support

Graphics software API support includes OpenGL®1.2 and OpenGL ES 2.0 for embedded applications, and OpenGL SC 1.0.1 and OpenGL SC 2.0 designed for safety critical and certifiable applications. Codec support for MPEG2 and H.264 encode and decode functionality is also offered.

Software support for both graphics modules includes RTOS driver support for Power

Architecture, Intel, and ARM VPX and XMC processor modules. Operating environment support includes , Wind River® VxWorks®, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY®, Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS® and Microsoft® Windows®.

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