New Rugged Digital Receiver K707 — Supports GNU Radio, GSM Digital Beamforming & Real-Time Spectral Analysis

Innovative Integration

This aggressively-priced receiver combines an embedded PC running 6 4-bit Linux with an internal Xilinx K410T2 FPGA & optional 3-18 GHz RF receiver module to create a COTS d igital beamformer, spectrum analyzer or custom software defined radio solution.

The K707 Digital Receiver supports two FMC-310 plug-in modules providing up to 6 antenna inputs, 128 independent channels of DDC, & one spectrum analyzer embedded in a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA. It supports monitoring and/or recording of wide- or narrow-band spectra or channelized IF band data. The receiver supports contiguous recording at 1,300 MByte/s to four SSDs until running out of disk space.

Eight DDC banks, each supporting 16 channels, support monitoring of 128 DDC channels per single module. Each DDC bank can select its ADC source & decimation rate; each DDC channel has its own programmable tuner & programmable low-pass filtering supporting output bandwidth up-to 800 KHz.

The spectrum analyzer, which supports hardware windowing, calculates the wide-band spectrum of raw ADC data or the narrow-band spectrum of the cooked DDC output data at a programmable update rate.

A development kit is available to support creation of custom instrumentation. Users can insert custom-made VHDL cores into the supplied Framework to create advanced applications. Download datasheets & pricing here!