Mini PCIe Gets an Upgrade


Mini PCIe

AcroPack® modules improve on the mini form factor by adding a down-facing connector that securely routes I/O signals through the host carrier card without any extra cabling.

Carrier cards are available in PCIe, , and other formats. These carriers provide direct access to the field I/O signals through front-panel CHAMP connectors or the rear backplane.

At only 30 x 70mm per module, up to four AcroPacks can plug into a single carrier card in any I/O combination.

More than 25 AcroPack modules are now offered for a wide variety of I/O, digital I/O, communication, Ethernet and computing functions.

Avionics, fieldbus, and other functions are coming soon.

Key Features Include:

  • , , serial, digital I/O, counter/timer, Ethernet and FPGA
  • No cabling
  • Low-power consumption
  • Solid-state electronics
  • -40 to 85┬░C standard operating temperature
  • Conduction cooled models available
  • Mix-and-match endless I/O combinations in a single slot by using our XMC, VPX or PCIe-based carriers

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