Migrating from 6U rugged deployed systems to 3U based systems


A move from 6U to 3U system deployment for rugged defense applications is well underway. This white paper explains why that is the case and explores the types of systems that can be implemented with or converted to 3U architectures. There are several factors driving this change including Moore’s law, power densities, serialization of interfaces, and interface commonality.

Transitioning architectures from 6U to 3U

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  • Rugged Multi-Platform Mission Computer (MPMC) systems supported by software tools and analysis and SDRL documents, such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) report, thermal report, Design Verification Test (DVT) report and more
  • System Quick Start Kits of proven, pre-configured 3U modules pre-installed in a lab/demonstration chassis, with a 4-8 week lead time
  • System Built-In Test (BIT) Software pre-tested and verified for complex, high-performance requirements
  • Test Infrastructure that shortens development cycles, increases test coverage, and verifies hardware performance under high levels of simultaneous usage

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