Lightning-enabled Rugged Small Form Factor Mission/Display Computers

Abaco Systems

The MCS1000 and GVC2000 mission ready systems are the first two members of Abaco’s unique Lightning platform that is designed to substantially reduce the cost and time involved in developing leading edge rugged embedded systems.

The rugged, small form factor MCS1000 mission- or display computer is ideal for I/O-rich applications where there are multiple target platforms or unique interfaces required on the computing solution. It features the Intel® Xeon® E3 processor combined with a CoreAVI (or AMD) E8860 GPU, up to 16GBytes of DDR4 SDRAM and an XMC site. This system is designed for avionics-rich mission compute and display applications such as sensor fusion/processing or as a data processing and display computer.

The GVC2000 high performance display computer is well-suited for applications where top end data- or display processing is required, with complex or unique I/O needs. It features the 12-core Intel® Xeon® D processor with 32 GBytes of RAM, combining it with an NVIDIA® Maxwell™ GPU capable of up to 1.2 TeraFLOPS. It is an optimized solution for degraded visual environments, complex scene rendering, or driving multiple independent displays all requiring extensive GPU processing capabilities.

Both systems leverage the capabilities of Abaco’s uniquely flexible patented MMS I/O technology. MMS is a simple, straightforward “mix and match” approach to I/O that accommodates virtually any I/O requirement, of any complexity, off-the-shelf - reducing development cost and time.

To make integration easier, the MCS1000 and GVC2000 share footprints with other 3U Lightning-enabled systems.

A highly robust qualification test plan ensures the MCS1000 and GVC2000 will meet an application’s toughest requirements with little to no additional testing needed, reducing time-to-deployment.

We’re bringing “off-the-shelf” back to COTS. Download the Solution Brief to find out how we’re achieving what they said couldn't be done.

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