High Quality Speech Compression Technologies

Digital Voice Systems, Inc.

The low cost AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip delivers high performance low-bit-rate speech compression technology.

The AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip implements Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI)’s patented AMBE+2™ Voice Compression Technology. This low cost chip offers a small footprint with minimal power requirements and is available in both full and half-duplex models. Building on DVSI's line of compact vocoder chip solutions the AMBE-4020™ delivers performance and reliability that meets the demands of harsh digital communication environments.

The AMBE-4020™ can operate at data and FEC rates from 2.0 to 9.6 kbps and provides excellent voice quality with superior robustness to bit errors and acoustic background noise. The high performance AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip includes, an interface for low-cost digital mic, low-power operation, push-to-talk signaling and advanced communication features such as, automatic Voice/Silence Detection (VAD), adaptive comfort noise insertion (CNI), DTMF and Call Progress Tone detection/regeneration. The AMBE-4020™ vocoder chip's small form factor can be easily incorporated into an ultra-low-power base band circuit where board real estate is at a premium. Additionally, the AMBE-4020™ Vocoder Chip provides flexibility in design configurations by including serial interfaces for vocoder configuration, status information and transferring speech and compressed data bits to/from the chip's encoder and decoder.

Digital Voice Systems, Inc. specializes in the development of low-bit-rate, high quality voice compression products incorporating their patented IMBE™, AMBE® AMBE+™ and AMBE+2™ Voice Compression Technologies. DVSI’s voice compression solutions are a part of many standards such as APCO Project25, DMR/dPMR, ETSI GMR-2 and others. DVSI technology has been successfully implemented digital communication systems worldwide. Additional company information and product details can be found online at www.dvsinc.com.

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