Extreme Engineering Solutions’ XPedite7674 is an Intel® Xeon® D Processor-Based 3U VPX-REDI Single Board Computer (SBC) with Dual 10GbE and Xilinx Kintex® Ultrascale™ FPGA

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)

X-ES XCalibur4643 Rugged 6U VPX SBC

The XPedite7674 by Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) is an Intel® Xeon® D processor-based 3U -REDI Single Board Computer (SBC) with dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet and an onboard, user-configurable Xilinx Kintex® Ultrascale™ module for hosting custom functions. XPedite7674 is one of many of Extreme Engineering Solutions' powerful embedded single board computers.


  • Up to 16 Xeon®-class cores in a single, power-efficient SoC package
  • 4, 8, or 12 core SKUs available with native extended temperature support
  • Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ XCKU060 or XCKU095 FPGA with up to 8 GB DDR4-2133 ECC SDRAM and 1 Gb synchronous configuration BPI flash
  • Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI) per VITA 48
  • Up to 16 GB of DDR4-2133 ECC SDRAM in two channels
  • XMC site with a x8 PCIe interface and rear I/O support
  • Two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 1000BASE-X Ethernet port
  • One SATA port and two USB 2.0 ports
  • Support for DeepCover Security Manager secure supervisor (optional)
  • coreboot firmware powered by Intel® FSP
  • X-ES Enterprise Linux (XEL) BSP

Variety of Supported I/O

The XPedite7674 provides secure network interfaces by providing one 1000BASE-X Gigabit Ethernet interface from the FPGA and passing two CPU 10 Gigabit 10GBASE-KR Ethernet interfaces through the FPGA. It accommodates up to 16 GB of DDR4-2133 ECC SDRAM in two channels and up to 32 GB of onboard SATA NAND flash in addition to numerous I/O ports, including USB, SATA, and RS-232/422/485 serial through the backplane connectors.

The XPedite7674 provides additional expansion capabilities by including an XMC site. This XMC site includes a x8 PCIe connection to the Intel® Xeon® D processor and X12d I/O mapped directly to the VPX backplane connectors.

User-Configurable Security FPGA

An integrated, user-configurable, Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA module delivers enhanced performance and security for a wide range of embedded computing applications. Featuring up to 8 GB of DDR4-2133 ECC SDRAM memory, more than 1 million logic cells with enhanced system logic cell packing to reduce dynamic power, and support for a DeepCover Security Manager secure supervisor, the Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA provides a dependable host for custom security functions.

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Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES), a 100% U.S.A.-based company, designs and manufactures Intel® and Freescale-based single board computers, networking products, storage products, power supplies, and system-level solutions for embedded computing customers. For further information on X-ES products or services, please visit our website: www.xes-inc.com, call +1 (608) 833-1155, or email us at sales@xes-inc.com.

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