EVANSCAPS for High Power Pulse Applications

Evans Capacitor Company

EVANSCAPS unique chemistry and construction provides the low ESR and high power density for high current pulse power in Phased Array Radars or LASER drivers, as well as the highest available energy density for power interruption back up in avionics or subsystems. EVANSCAPS save space, weight and power (SWAP) over other capacitor technologies. They are not cycle limited and can provide very high current discharge. EVANSCAPS are available in a wide range of ratings in voltages from 10V to 125V.


Get the Highest Power in the Smallest Possible Space

TDD series capacitors are uniquely designed for high energy density and low ESR, providing small size, high power and less heat generation than other capacitor technologies.  With the goal to provide higher specific power and reduced cooling requirements, the TDD series was developed by Evans in concert with a major defense contractor in an advanced phased array radar development effort. The unique internal construction of the TDD design reduced the already low ESR of the previous EVANSCAPS models by 50%, resulting in faster rise times and greatly reduced cooling requirements. This supports even larger currents and more aggressive duty cycles. The TDD capacitors enabled the system design for higher power while eliminating the cooling requirement for the Capacitors. The TDD series has now been expanded into four different case sizes to provide a wide capacitance range with 10V to 125V operation. The DLA (DSCC) has issued dwg #15010 for the TDD series Hybrid Capacitors.

Evans Capacitor manufactures high energy density capacitors for demanding defense and aerospace applications, including phased array radar, laser targeting and power hold up, where size, weight, and reliability are the major considerations. Evans' production facility in East Providence, RI, follows stringent guidelines for quality and performance and is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified. Hybrid Capacitors are commodity dual use EAR-99 for export purposes. Evans is ITAR registered.

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