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Innovative Integration

XU-TX featuring two, AC-coupled, single-ended 16-bit outputs with programmable DC bias. The DAC devices employed support synchronization & interpolation & their unique output circuits allow improved frequency synthesis in the 2nd & 3rd Nyquist zones, to shift of the Nyquist null frequency in the output spectrum by a factory of two. The DAC ICs may be clocked at up to 5.1 GHz via an onboard, ultra-low-jitter PLL. A unique feature of th PLL guarantees multi-board synchronization when supplied a 1/16th -rate external reference & trigger.

Sixteen high-speed serial links connect to the host (eight via XMC connector J15, & eight via J16). 8000 MB/s PCIe gen3 & Aurora protocols, respectively are supported.

A Xilinx Kintex UltraScale XCVU060/085 lies at the heart of the product, supported by with 8 GB DDR4 & 4 MB of QDRAM memory, providing a very high performance DSP core for demanding applications such RADAR & IF generation. The close integration of the IO, memory & host interface with the FPGA enables realtime at rates exceeding 7000 GMAC/s.

The XU family can be fully customized using & MATLAB & the FrameWork Logic toolset. IP logic cores are also available for SDR applications that provide multi-channel modulations for PSK & FSK systems. Applications include: High Speed Arbitrary Wave Generation, Wireless MIMO transmitter, RADAR Waveforms, & Electronic Warfare. Download data sheets & pricing now!

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