Andalé Luggable Rugged Recorder for Wide-band Recording & Playback

Innovative Integration

Andalé Luggable Rugged Recorder, a powerful wide-band recorder which directly controls an NTFS disk subsystem to support gap-free storage or playback of or digital signals. The included logging software moves data in real-time between the analog or digital I/O peripherals on any Innovative XMC or FMC module s to/from dedicated SATA drives with minimal intervention from application software or the operating system.

The Andale recorder now supports the Xilinx UltraScale that is supported by with 8 GB DDR4 and 4 MB of QDRAM memory, providing a very high performance DSP core for demanding applications such RADAR and IF generation. The close integration of the analog IO, memory and host interface with the FPGA enables real-time at rates exceeding 7000 GMAC/s.

Andale is a true Turnkey Data Recorder the software includes supplied BinView data viewer which allows rapid display and analysis of huge data sets in time or frequency domain, Operates under Microsoft Windows, C/C++ API supporting custom application development, Runs all standard XMC module application software, Turnkey applications are provided No custom device drivers or software required. Download datasheets & pricing now!

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