16 Channel Thermocouple/RTD/Strain-Measurement XMC

TEWS Technologies

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES Introduces 16 Channel Thermocouple/RTD/Strain-Measurement XMC

The TXMC590 is a standard Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) compatible module offering 16 channels capable of measuring thermocouples, resistive sensors like RTD and thermistors, and strain gauges. Released as an extension to TEWS’ wide portfolio of XMC modules, the TXMC590 is designed for industrial, COTS and transportation applications.

TXMC590 provides 16 independent measurement channels. Each channel consists of a differential input and a differential sensor excitation output. The setup of the analog in-/outputs, the and the translation into data values is handled by a microcontroller with an integrated and current source.

For thermocouples, the cold junction compensation is done onboard, freeing the user application from this task. There are three possibilities to measure the cold junction temperature:

    1) A second channel configured as resistive temperature sensor
    2) An onboard I2C temperature sensor
    3) An external I2C temperature sensor (not included)

For measuring RTDs ratio metric, there is a high precision reference resistor onboard. The excitation current is set up automatically according to the RTD channel settings.

All Strain Gauge types are supported (e.g. quarter, half and full bridge configurations). However, there is no bridge completion circuit onboard the TXMC590. Therefore, if quarter or half bridges are used, these have to be completed outside of the module. The excitation current is set up automatically according to the strain gauge channel settings. Every channel can be calibrated and the measured value is cleared of offset errors.

Each channel can separately be configured for any sensor type. The measured value is translated into a data value according to the sensor type, i.e. into temperature or microstrain. The translation may be set up to provide the data in a format that allows direct usage without further calculations. Measurements can be set up to operate periodically with different time bases or can be triggered via register access.

The TXMC590 features predefined parameter sets for the most common sensor types. Additionally, up to 16 user-defined parameter sets can be stored on board. These user-defined parameter sets allow supporting user defined sensors. A software tool to build these user-defined parameter sets is part of TXMC590-SW-xx.

For special customer requirements, the microcontroller is also programmable via PCI Express which allows developing and programming special firmware into the controller.

Software Support (TXMC590-SW-xx) is available for different operating systems.


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