Wireless Insite software carries 5G and MIMO technology

Engineers at designed the company’s Insite software with added 5G and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) capabilities. The tools are intended for use in radar-antenna design applications by industries including defense, biomedical, automotive, and energy generation.

Wireless InSite’s MIMO capability enables the user to accurately predict path data between each transmitting and receiving element and reveals key channel characteristics in a timely manner. With optimizations that minimize runtime and memory constraints, Wireless InSite is able to simulate large arrays present in Massive MIMO systems. The tool’s MIMO array builder contains the option to create 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D antenna arrays. Users have control over their model and can define unique antenna patterns and orientations for each element. All data is accessible, enabling results to be visualized within the context of the scene, as a 2-D plot, or exported to a file. Post-processing options include received power, complex channel matrix or H-matrix, complex impulse response, times of arrival, directions of arrival, and directions of departure for multipath.

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