Wideband digital attenuator offers low LSB of .5 dB

Qorvo’s TGL2223 is a wideband, 5-bit digital attenuator using the company’s TQPHT15 production 0.15um GaAs pHEMT process. Operating from 0.1 – 31 GHz, the TGL2223 offers a low attenuation step size (LSB) of 0.5 dB and supports > 15.5 dB of attenuation range with a low RMS step error of < 0.5 dB. Using standard, negative control voltages from -3.3 to -5 V coupled with broadband performance, the TGA2223 is aimed at a variety of commercial and military applications.

The TGL2223 is in die form, measuring 1.180 by 0.800 by 0.100 mm, with both radio frequency (RF) ports matched to 50 ohms for simple system integration. It is lead-free and RoHS-compliant, with evaluation boards available on request. The frequency ranges between 0.1 to 31 GHz. Features also include insertion loss (Ref. State): 1.8-4.2 dB; RMS Step Error: < 0.4 dB; and control voltage ranges between -3.3 to -5.0 V. Typical applications include commercial and military radar, electronic warfare, point-to-point radio, and satellite communications.