Video systems enhances live feeds in real time

ZMicro’s Insight video-enhancement system enhances live video feeds in real time to improve visibility in fog, rain, dust, smoke, underwater, and more. ZMicro leveraged the parallel-processing capabilities of an advanced field programmable gate array () to host its algorithms, resulting in improved video quality in real time with no added latency. The latency is measured at less than 6 microseconds and is not discernible to the human eye.

The Insight system processes videos up to 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz. It comes in a sealed box for use in rugged environments and the front LCD panel is available for immediate status update. The system features user adjustments via published API commands or remote Java client; image sharpening and enhancement; enhancement of surface and edge detail; color enhancement; chroma key functionality for video or text overlays; and selectable video enhancement viewing region.

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