Video converter module extends life of airborne video components

(GRT) engineers developed the Video Converter Module (VCM) to extend the life of airborne video components by quickly linking them to ARINC 818 architecture. The VCM is matched to the user’s ICD [interface control document] and can be certified to DO-254 and DO-160. It is a flyable, rugged version of GRT’s Stand Alone Module, which has been tested in labs, simulators, and aircraft production facilities.

The system features include flight-ready, EMI-shielded VCM with a four-tab bracket that can be mounted four ways for flexibility. A flight-hardened VCM can be ordered for any one of the following standard configurations: DVI to ARINC 818, ARINC 818 to DVI, and ARINC 818 to VGA. In addition, custom conversions are also possible and include ARINC 818 to analog (NTSC, PAL, STANAG 3350, RS-170), and analog (NTSC, PAL, STANAG 3350, RS-170) to ARINC 818.

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