Test-and-measurement tool for smart weapons

Marvin Test Solutions’ MTS-3060 is an advanced flight line SmartCan tester that enables testing of suspension and alternate mission equipment (AME) including missiles, bombs, and rockets. With multiple measurement channels, dedicated and continuous squib circuit monitoring, multiple load channels, audio and video simulation, and MIL-STD-1760 systems, the MTS-3060 supports any platform and any legacy or future armament system.

The MTS-3060 provides more than 30 measurement channels and the capability to simulate legacy and “smart” weapons. The multiple channels alleviate the requirement to use multiple testers when testing armament systems as is done today with legacy testers on F-16 and F-15. The simultaneous testing of multiple squib signals, combined with a cross-fire algorithm, provides a robust test process that is deeper than the single-channel or dual-channel methods offered by legacy “beercan” testers. The MTS-3060 can test additional weapons systems, including launchers, bomb racks, and other MIL-STD-1760 systems. The MTS-3060 is also compatible with the legacy SERD 75060 beercan tester and can interface with existing 75060 cables and adapters.

Marvin Test Solutions