TCP and UDP accelerator with network security capability

’s transmission control protocol (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP) accelerator with network security capability performs functions of firewall and other monitoring functions at full line rate. The full TCP/UDP offload (TOE) core performs protocol offload of all phases of TCP/IP [Internet protocol] software in high-performance field-programmable gate arrays () without central processing unit (CPU) involvement. The security add-on module performs port filtering, blocking, monitoring, and related functions in hardware at line speed, thereby relieving the CPU from these tasks. The security module can be removed from the base-TOE core. These functions are performed in 100 nanoseconds at full 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps line rate with ultra-precision and zero jitter.

In traditional systems that use only TCP software for protocol processing and network security processing, the CPU can become bogged down under high traffic rates, especially at 10G and 40G rates causing traffic backups and sometimes missing some critical security events. According to Intilop, its TOE core can be used as a standalone solution, without additional security, for many other network acceleration applications. The TCP/UDP accelerators have more than seven years of mature TCP-compliant architecture. The security module for the latest Intilop 40G TOE is planned for introduction later in 2017.

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