Software manages test-lab workflow, data, results

TestTracker Data Management Software from Wineman Technology Inc. is a test-lab management tool for managers, product engineers, and test engineers. The software helps users to manage and prioritize incoming requests, assign tests, delegate those tests to the appropriate testers, collect streamlined data, and send results to the necessary stakeholders – all from a central location. Its configuration management ability for both test sequences and test data enables traceability and automation of testing routines and results. With TestTracker, lab managers can work at a dashboard on which they can see all tests in the lab and assess efficiencies or uptime. The dashboard enables product groupings by defining which tests can be run, enables monitoring of which units are at each test station, and facilitates importation of test files and control over which configurations are run. With a similar dashboard, product engineers can obtain test request status reports, data reports, unit status summaries, and network access to all raw data files and results while tracking a particular test and results. The system posts the data collected to a central server, from which users can then access all data and search for previous tests or results.