SMHF42 DC-DC converter withstands transients to as much as 80 volts

The Crane Aerospace Interpoint SMHF42 Series of converters is intended to withstand transients up to 80 volts for up to 50 ms. The SMHF42 Series of 42-V DC-DC converters offers a wide input voltage range of 35 to 55 volts and up to 15 watts of output power, and are targeted for operation on a 42-volt satellite power bus. The converters are switching regulators that use a quasi-square wave, single-ended forward converter design with a constant switching frequency of 500 kHz (typical). Isolation between input and output circuits is provided using a transformer in the forward path and a temperature compensated optocoupler in the feedback-control loop. The optocoupler is radiation-tolerant for space applications.

Dual-output models maintain cross regulation with tightly coupled output magnetics. As much as 70 percent of the total output power is available from either output, provided the opposite output is simultaneously carrying 30 percent of the total output power. SMHF42 converters offer screening to Class H or K and radiation hardness assurance (RHA) levels L – 50 krad(Si) or R – 100 krad(Si). Single-event effects (SEE) allow linear energy transfer (LET) performance to 86 MeV cm2/mg. The converters are screened to MIL-PRF-38534. Class H, Class K, RHA L, RHA R, and SEE are pending product validation.