Small form factor enables off-the-shelf parts in SWaP-C constrained environments

The () Solution 760-92 rugged electronic packaging design from , Inc. enables deployment of off-the-shelf and circuit card assemblies (CCAs) in the size, weight, power, and cost (-C)-constrained characteristic of , , and airborne applications. Atrenne’s hermetically sealed rugged enclosure maintains an atmospheric pressure of one atmosphere at all times, essentially simulating a lab operating environment. The packaging uses a gasket able to buffer mechanical occlusions between the two precisely machined aluminum surfaces of the enclosure. Engineers also developed a solution to maintain a seal around fiber-optic cables, I/O cables, and connectors.

The SFF 760-92 rugged electronic packaging also is designed to withstand increased vibration, shock, and temperature. The company says that its solution is able to meet stringent application requirements by isolating sensitive internal electronics from the harsh external environment. The system only weighs 13 pounds, can be used above 50,000 feet, and uses baseplate conduction technology for cooling. Its dimensions are 11.22 inches long by 9.06 inches wide by 3.43 inches high and can be stored at temperatures ranging between -40 °C through +71 °C, while operating temperatures are rated for between -32 °C and +55°C.