SecureCore aimed at GPU security

’s SecureCore product is designed to secure information as it is passed through a graphics processing unit (GPU) for display. SecureCore is an option to CoreAVI’s ArgusCore OpenGL drivers to address potential security vulnerabilities within the GPU/OpenGL management of data. This provides a high level of information assurance for systems that manage confidential and classified information alongside unclassified data rendering to one or more displays.

SecureCore protects rendering surfaces from access from unauthorized partitions and adds a memory clear function to video memory allocations to protect previous memory contents from unauthorized access. It is designed to use GPU hardware functions for memory management and to provide data security. Additional features include clearing video memory before allocating, accessibility to inspect source code, and ability to witness driver build. It supports RTOS including VxWorks, SYSGO PikeOS, Green Hills Integrity, DDCI-Deos, Lynx Software LynxOS, and . It can be fully integrated with CoreAVI’s ArgusCore (OpenGL) graphics drivers with HyperCore with no changes to APIs. It also supports of use of TrueCore GPU health monitoring in dedicated partitions. SecureCore is available with the following safety certification packages: CertCore178TM (Avionics DO-178C/ED12-C Level A), CertCore26262TM (Automotive ISO 26262 ASIL D), and CertCore50128TM (Railway CENELEC EN-50128 SIL 4).

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