Rugged switch with embedded x86 PC for military vehicles

The Themis NanoSWITCH is a size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C)-optimized rugged multi-layer gigabit Ethernet switch with an embedded x86 PC. The NanoSWITCH enables enterprise-level layer 2/3 switching in the rugged environments found in military ground, air, and sea vehicles. Typical applications include vehicle network switching; distributed architecture vehicle controller; VICTORY-compliant switch, router, timing, and control; WAN-LAN interconnectivity and firewall; shared processing; and peripheral communications.

Engineers designed the NanoSWITCH to provide 10x or 16x external Gigabit Ethernet ports that operate at rates of 10, 100, and 1,000 Mbps. A full management suite is included, as well as a command line interface (CLI) for controlling switch and routing operations. The NanoSWITCH supports IPv4 and IPv6 routing, including tunneling and IP Multicast; VLANs; and IETF, IEEE, and DSL Forum standards. The switch includes Quality of Service (QoS) features to ensure that traffic is prioritized to deliver the performance needed for real-time applications. These QoS features include system management, voice, video, and bandwidth-intensive file uploads and downloads. Additional QoS capabilities – including IEEE 802.1p priority tagging, DSCP, and eight hardware traffic class queues – also support for real-time applications.