Rugged COTS power supply converts power to 115/200 VAC, 3-phase 400Hz power

The model FC5003 is a rugged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supply designed to convert common 120/208 VAC, three-phase, 60 Hz ground power to 115/200 VAC, three-phase, 400 Hz power used by aircraft and other military vehicles. Users can install the power supply in a vehicle, wheeled rack, or cart, making it feasible to move the FC5003 as needed to service many different aircraft and systems, which eliminates the need to use an aircraft’s own 400 Hz generator power. The FC5003 is in a 6U (10.5-inch high) 19-inch rackmount chassis that sports an input line cord with a plug and an output receptacle.

The FC5003 can be used in applications such as avionics and aircraft product testing, aircraft simulator power, and power conversion. The system’s protective circuits via input include a fast-acting main circuit breaker with guard and indicator. In the case of an overload, it automatically causes voltage fold-back to provide maximum current without distorting output waveform. The internal temperature sensor prevents heat damage. If a short circuit occurs the part electronically latches output open to protect load; power is then restored by cycling the circuit breaker.

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