Radar data extractor and target tracker for target ID

The SPx Server from Cambridge Pixel, a component in the company’s SPx radar-processing family, is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) primary radar data extractor and target tracker. Interfacing to hardware or network radar video, SPx Server accepts polar format radar video and processes it to identify targets, which are then correlated from scan to scan to output positional and motion updates. The software is highly configurable and may be used to identify target-like shapes according to defined rules. These candidate tracks may be output directly after detection, for example into an existing correlator, or may be further processed by SPx Server using a track filter.

The SPx Server software module is integrated with the SPx Processing library, which offers the user a range of radar-processing capabilities. After acquisition and prior to data processing, the video may be passed through the standard SPx processing functions to implement such functions as gain control, area-based video removal, thresholding, or interference suppression. Additionally, user-defined processes may be incorporated into the processing chain to enable a completely custom solution using SPx as the integrating framework.