Rackmount cases for protection of 19-inch electronics

The ZARGES MITRASET aluminum rackmount case is aimed at protecting 19-inch electronics in all environments, from the desert to the Arctic. The structural rigidity of the case eliminates the distortion that sometimes results from exposure to high temperatures; the case also features two two-inch interchangeable lids, half-turn latches, and watertight construction.

The aluminum cases feature electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency (RF) shielding, I/O panels, and custom reinforcement as needed. ZARGES intended the rackmount cases to be used in such applications as high EMI, those with ambient extremes; secure communications in the oil/gas/utility industries; land, air, and seaborne military communications; broadcast field stations; and product engineering programs with tight size, weight, and power (SWaP) budgets. Additional features include IP 65 protection class through seam-welded housing and lids with peripheral seals and toggle-action snap fasteners. The cases can be ordered in 50 different sizes.