Position, torque, and speed control in a plug-and-play motor controller

Data Device Corp.’s (DDC’s) ()-based motor controller offers multi-interface position with torque and speed control, and is designed for demanding, high-reliability industrial, military, and aerospace applications. The PW-87 series position, torque, and speed motor controller is available with 600/1200VDC, handles up to 75A output current, and can be configured for optimal motor performance using the supplied Windows-based GUI [graphical user interface], which enables cost and design flexibility to support changing application requirements.

The GUI can be tuned for use with a wide variety of brushless DC motors and loads. The hall, resolver, or encoder interface allows common design for position control to be used across multiple application platforms. DDC designed the controllers with multiple configurations, including single-board control/drive integrated solution; dual-card/small form factor, which can allow for a smaller footprint in dual-stack card configuration; and custom configurations that enable the controller to be separated from the drive section.

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