PCI-1553-PLX offers option for UTMC’s Sµmmit or BCRTM communication device

The PCI-1553-PLX module from ALPHI Technology Corp. uses a single UTMC’s Sµmmit or BCRTM communication device as its 1553 bus controller, remote terminal, or monitor terminal. The single controller has two redundant channels; this controller accesses 64K by 16 words of external memory and has externals for both channel A and B. The 3U PCI board has onboard transformers for both channels, which enables the use of a wide array of 1553 communication applications including test equipment supporting evaluation, simulation, monitoring, and analysis; operational equipment such as avionics, space satellite systems, aircraft onboard systems, and commercial systems; and applications that require dual functionality of the terminal for monitoring and remote operation at the same time.

Features include one controller of dual-redundant (A/B channel) 1553 communications; UTMC’s BCRTM or Summit controller options; programmable bus controller, remote terminal, or monitor terminal modes; MIL-STD-1553 A and B compliance, Notice 2 RT; long or short stub support; low power consumption; compliance; +3.3V or +5 VDC VIO; LED status notice; and selectable external or internal clock.

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