Oscilloscope enables Windows or standalone modes

has introduced the 5 Series MSO [ oscilloscope], which is intended to meet the design challenges of today’s more complex embedded systems. The 5 Series MSO includes what the company terms calls FlexChannel technology, which enables a view of four, six, or eight channels and as many as 64 digital channels. Digital signals are sampled, triggered, and stored the same as analog signals. It also features an integrated protocol analysis and signal generator; a new 12-bit system; a large-area, high-def capacitive touch display; and a Direct Access user interface. Users can drive the oscilloscope using either a mouse or with the conventional front-panel controls.

The 5 Series MSO leverages a newly launched front-end amplifier that lowers noise about 4.5 dB from the previous generation’s scopes. It also uses a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter () and a high-resolution mode that delivers as much as 16 bits of vertical resolution. In addition, the 5 Series MSO can run as either a dedicated scope or in an open Windows configuration; the user can switch between the two by adding or removing a solid-state drive (SSD) that has the Windows license/OS installed on it. When the SSD is installed, the instrument boots Windows; when it’s removed, the instrument boots as a dedicated scope; either way, the tool’s user interface is identical.

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