OpenVPX backplane for signal integrity at up to 10.3 Gbaud

Dawn VME’s -5987 backplane is designed to deliver robust signal integrity at Gen3 bandwidths. The backplanes are designed for signal integrity at up to 10.3 Gbaud performance (per backplane simulation models). Supporting PCIe Gen3 and 10 GbE (XAUI) and the most recent Gen3 bandwidth module configurations, Dawn Gen3 backplanes offer multiple connector choices, including a high-vibration option.

Features include 7-Slot – BKP3-CEN07 (6 Payload + 1 Switch); 3U -compliant, 1-inch pitch; various connector choices; and use of any desired power supply for the terminal block and bus bars. The 598x Series VPX backplanes are also designed to be compliant with the following released standards and December 2015 state of draft specifications: .0, VITA 46.1, VITA 46.3, VITA 46.4, VITA 46.6, VITA 46.7, VITA 46.9, VITA 46.10, VITA 46.11, .0 (REDI), VITA 48.1 (REDI Air Cooling), Vita 48.2 (REDI Conduction Cooling), and .0 (OpenVPX) ready. VITA 68 backplane models are available on request for system simulation.

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