OpenSlice enables shared data between operating systems, platforms

Vortex OpenSplice from PrismTech, an ADLINK company, is a commercial and open source implementation of the Object Management Group’s Data Distribution Service (OMG DDS) standard. Vortex OpenSplice enables data to be shared and integrated across a wide spectrum of operating systems and platforms. It provides a full implementation of the OMG DDS latest rev1.4 (DCPS profiles) and the OMG-DDSI/RTPS v2.2 interoperable wire-protocol standards. It is targeted for use with server-class (desktops, racks, etc.) platforms as well as more specialized real-time embedded environments and operating systems (e.g., a single-board computer running VxWorks).

The DDS API standard guarantees source code portability across different vendor implementations, while the DDSI standard ensures on the wire interoperability across DDS implementations from different vendors. The Vortex OpenSplice is data-centric, which enables applications to be designed around a data model, which PrismTech says adds safety to the model; the data-centric nature also promotes time and space decoupling, leading to systems that are easier to integrate, evolve, and reuse. The tool’s real-time capabilities are able to deliver information to the right place at the right time.