Omnetics SureCon 360 connectors for military and aerospace applications

Omnetics Connectors designed the SureCon 360° in a watertight, overmolded form; the military and aerospace version features a flame retardant, halogen-free, 32 American Wire Gauge (AWG) cable with a braided shield using by a black thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) jacket. Omnetics’ SureCon 360° connectors are designed with pin and socket elements positioned on 25 one-thousands of an inch spacing to reduce size and weight by as much as three times that of conventional microsized circular connectors.

The connectors were designed to withstand high shock and vibration, while maintaining their electrical integrity. Insulator sizes of six, 11, and 16 contact arrangements are available in a precabled format, with all three sizes available in both inline and protruding panel mount configurations. The product utilizes the Omnetics rugged Flex-Pin contact system. It is spaced on .025-inch (.64 mm) centerline and has very small outer diameters ranging from .325 inch (8.3 mm) to .384 inch (9.8 mm). Mating pin and socket models are available, as well as wire terminations with discrete wire and cable. Typically, the product’s installed wiring is 32-gauge standard Teflon insulated copper wire and can carry as much as 1 ampere of current per line.