Object-oriented tool provides enhanced realism for military simulation and training

Military training and simulation systems need high-fidelity graphics avionics displays, communications equipment, maintenance systems, and automotive dashboards. The GL Studio designed by engineers at DiSTI Corp. in Orlando, FL, provides enhanced realism through its reusable 2D or 3D graphical user interfaces. The human machine interface development tool is an object-oriented design paradigm that produces self-contained smart graphical elements called Reusable Software Objects (RSOs). Each RSO includes the behavior and appearance of the object coupled with a well-defined interface. They are easily merged into master design projects by integration teams supporting large modular designs.

GL Studio’s benefits include: reducing production and training costs, enhancing safety, improving learning and retention, increasing throughput on training assets, accelerating production cycles, and content supporting the total product life-cycle development. A Lumen runtime engine enables GL Studio users to expand their platform reach to include DirectX-based rendering. It also includes features such as animations, multitouch, support for new graphics card features, and advanced text capabilities. Users of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulation software are using the Lumen engine feature of GL Studio to create cockpit and instrumentation content for their avionics simulation and training.