Nanosecond Pulser product line for high-power microwave applications

The Nanosecond Pulser (NSP) product line from features pulse generators for low- and high-power applications. The turnkey precision pulse control system features a front-panel pulse control and outlet for DC power supply. The user can adjust independently the output voltage and pulse width and it also features a pulse repetition frequency option. Additional options include external pulse input, 1 MHz burst mode, and pulse-shaping output stage.

The NSP units are shipped with a floating output that cannot be grounded; the floating output significantly decreases electromagnetic interference (EMI) and improves measurements of output waveforms. While grounded units can be purchased, Eagle Harbor Technology recommends floating outputs unless an application specifically requires a grounded unit. The NSP product line can be used in applications such as dielectric barrier discharge, pseudospark, laser driver, high-power microwaves, drag reduction, light production, surface modification, medical devices, and fast capacitor charging.

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