Multiplayer virtual training platform for military applications

Virtual Battlespace (VBS) 3 is a military-simulation, multiplayer, virtual-training environment from Bohemia Interactive Simulations. Based on commercial game technologies, Bohemia has transitioned VBS3 into a comprehensive desktop trainer and mission-rehearsal platform, adapted for discrete training uses by militaries.

VBS3 combines a content library, scenario-development tools, and after-action review capability that immerses trainees in a high-fidelity, multiplayer virtual environment. It includes a user-friendly application that allows for interoperability with external HLA/DIS networks and host computers that use the CIGI protocol, a robust DIS-enabled voice communications system, and a mission-planning tool for adding military markings to scenarios. Users load VBS3 onto a PC and use the supplied tools and models to set up a scenario and start training. VBS3 also features built-in development tools to customize models and import the user’s own models and terrains.