Mil simulation platform increases its flexibility

With increased platform flexibility on the military-embedded priority list these days, we were impressed by ’s recent move to take its Mantis Real-Time Management software into multi-platform style. Previously, Mantis required implementation on Quantum3D’s Independence IDX image generators; however, the Mantis platform’s flexibility has been expanded to desktop PCs and lets customers use the PC hardware they deem most suitable for their simulation applications. Meanwhile, Mantis will continue to offer the simulation application savvy it always has for ground vehicle or tank simulations, sensor simulation, rotary-wing flight simulation, mission rehearsal, and so on.

Useful in trainers, /instrument education, and much more, Mantis renders high-resolution depicting weather conditions (rain, dust, haze, fog, position of the sun), sensors, lighting, special effects (sparks, smoke, dust, vapor trails, noise, explosions, and more), and line-of-sight intersection and height-above- tests. Configuration is a breeze because of Mantis’ open standards base including Windows, an object-oriented architecture, C++, API, TerraPage terrains and OpenFlight models, and CIGI host interface.

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