Microwave power module for electronic warfare simulation applications

The dB-4150 is a smart microwave power module (MPM) designed and developed by that operates in the frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz. The MPM can provide 100 watts of pulsed or continuous-wave radio-frequency (RF) output power. The RF signal path consists of a solid-state amplifier and a vacuum power booster; the power supply topology uses proprietary low-noise, high-efficiency designs to operate the RF signal path. Engineers installed a high-speed modulator for pulse modulation of up to 10 KHz to CW. This conduction-cooled MPM is able to operate in extreme military environments, in applications such as electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare simulation. Features also include Smart MPM, forward and reverse power monitor, and Ethernet interface.

The dB Control MPMs are based on a modular design for easy customization and are available with continuous wave or pulsed power. Each MPM is a complete microwave amplifier that uses traveling wave tubes and solid-state technologies for use in either military or commercial applications.

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