Microcontroller for SpaceVPX, RF signal chain management

The UT32M0R500 microcontroller from Cobham uses the Arm Cortex-M0+ 32-bit processor with a RISC [reduced instruction set computer]-based architecture operating at a 50 MHz frequency. The microcontroller is aimed at applications such as SpaceVPX chassis management, telemetry, distributed command and control, data acquisition, and radio frequency (RF) signal chain management.

The microcontroller includes a memory protection unit (MPU) and embedded memories, with several peripherals including support for CAN 2.0B. For increased design flexibility, the microcontroller includes several analog features such as an analog signal channel with a multiplexed input combined with a programmable gain amplifier and analog-to-digital converter, two digital-to-analog converters, two analog comparators, and precision current source. The UT32M0R500 incorporates power-saving modes to facilitate the design-in of low-power applications. The UT32M0R500 is also supported by the Keil Development Tool Environment.