Magellan SBC that matches COM Express footprint

The Magellan single-board computer (SBC) from matches the footprint of the popular computer-on-module (COM) standard. Its CPU consists of a COM Express CPU module with several power/performance choices of CPUs available. The system uses conduction cooling for improved ruggedness and reliability via a heat spreader mounted on its bottom side. This design makes room for integrated dual gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, a +7-36 V DC/DC power supply, a full set of peripheral interface header connectors, stackable PCI-104 or SUMIT card expansion, and a FeaturePak zero height expansion socket, in addition to a complete embedded PC core. The SBC is able to fit all of this within the 95 by 125 mm COM Express footprint.

Magellan runs , Windows XP, Windows Embedded Standard, and Windows Embedded CE, with all OS drivers shipped with the product. Magellan is offered in a range of models that vary according to the choice of COM Express CPU module and SDRAM capacity (socketed or soldered-on). Magellan LC models come with only +12 VDC input power, but have no DC/DC power supply. Magellan is intended for use either as a highly integrated embedded component or as a platform for application development and reference designs.

Diamond Systems

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