ISR and big data applications enabled by high-density server

Limited server Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), high-performance cluster computing environments are enabled by the RES-XR4 High Density (HD) Server and its Intel-based architecture from Themis Computer in Fremont, CA. The system can double the compute density of a stack of 1U servers with a weight savings of about 50 percent. It combines the kinetic and thermal management technology of the company’s RES-XR4 rack-mountable server family, Intel Xeon E5-2660 Series processors, and Supermicro X9DRT-IBFF motherboards. Military applications for the server include ISR, virtualization, big data analytics, image processing, radar processing, and large Hadoop clusters.

The 40 lb. RES-XR4 HD system also has a rugged 20″ deep chassis that can hold combinations of three separate, hot-pluggable HD compute modules: RES-XR4-HDC High Density Compute Module; RES-XR4-HDS High Density Storage Module; and RES-XR4-HDFS High Density Flash Storage Module. Each RES-XR4-HDS and RES-XR4-HDFS module has a companion high-density compute module. Storage and flash storage modules occupy two of four chassis slots. Six configuration options are available. RES-XR4 HD modules support as many as three 56 Gbps InfiniBand or 40 Gb Ethernet ports. Basic specifications include: two 8-core 2.2 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2660 Series processors, eight 16 GB memory modules for a total of 128 GB, and a redundant 1,200 W AC power supply.