Intelligent power supply delivers 700 watts of DC power

The VPXtra 1000CM-IQ COTS DC to DC power supply from Inc. is a rugged, conduction-cooled, switch mode unit built for high-end industrial and military applications. It is a , -compliant, 6U power supply that delivers 700 watts of DC power via five outputs. The VPXtra1000CM-IQ operates from a 28 VDC input, in accordance with MIL-STD-704, and supplies a high-power DC output. It is able to monitor and report status of multiple parameters via a PMBus interface and can support ANSI/ signals.

The VPXtra1000CM-IQ power supply has no minimum-load requirement, carries overvoltage and short circuit protection, and handles overcurrent and thermal protection. The power supply is designed to support the rigors of mission-critical airborne, shipboard, vehicle, and mobile applications. The design incorporates Behlman’s cooling technology, dedicated design, and rugged construction. Users may add intelligence features, the VPXtra 1000CD, and dual-output power supplies; the upgrade gives system designers the ability to create compact systems with fewer additional instruments needed to accomplish their communication, measurement, and control functions.

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