High-performance 16-channel interface complies with ARINC 429

The DNx-429-516 by , Inc. (UEI) is a 16-channel communications interface for UEI’s Cube, RACKtangle, and FLATRACK I/O chassis. All boards are fully compliant with the ARINC 429 spec and support high-speed (100 kHz) and low-speed (12.5 kHz) operation. The channel speed is software-selectable on a channel-by-channel basis. Data integrity, even when all channels are set in high-speed mode, is assured with the use of 256-word FIFOs [first in, first out] on all channels. The board – part of UEI’s Guardian series – provides a diagnostic, on-board ARINC-429 receiver connected to each transmit channel, which enables the application to confirm that the correct information has been written to the ARINC-429 bus.

Software for the DNx-429-516 is included with the board: The UEIDAQ Framework provides a comprehensive API [] supporting all popular Windows programming languages. Factory-written and supported drivers are also included for and are available for other popular real-time operating systems including QNX and VxWorks. The UEIDAQ Framework also supports those creating applications in all popular and control packages, including LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, and any application that supports ActiveX or OPC servers.